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The Llechi, Glo a Chefn Gwlad network is a bi-lingual development grown from three iconic areas of Wales – the slate valleys of Gwynedd, the agricultural heartland and the coal valleys of South Wales. The project has developed over five years through the work of Talwrn. The project will support and promote community leadership amongst younger people in nine areas across Wales, encouraging new community led action, especially around developing and supporting the foundational economy, and provide evidenced models of place-based, people-led, asset based and connected rural and post-industrial communities.

All nine partners are highly experienced Welsh community based organisations that work in an asset based way. Each partner will focus on developing community leadership for the next three years.

Having gained significant new skills and experience the community leaders will be supported to find employment at the end of twelve months, and to continue to contribute to their community. There will be a second and third round of community leaders. The nine partners and the community leaders will work together to capture the learning from the project and disseminate this through their own networks.



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Celebrating three years of the network and what has been learned with politicians and others in July 2023, introdcuced by Dr. Sarah Lloyd-jones:


More videos from the celebratory event in the Pierhead Building, Cardiff Bay can be viewed here


Selwyn Williams, a member of CwmniBro in Blaenau Ffestiniog and a lecturer at Bangor University has written a paper on communitisation, a theory of community development (drawing on Raymond Williams and others) which presents ways forward for communities to flourish.

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funders: THE RANK FOUNDATION & community Lottery







Sel Williams (


Sel Williams was brought up in the Conwy Valley and has worked at different times as a farm labourer, builder’s labourer, research scientist, schoolteacher and lecturer at Y Coleg Normal and the University in Bangor. He has a background in teaching, research and writing in the fields of Biology, Philosophy, Economics and Community Development. Over a period of forty years he has gained considerable experience of developing higher education and community courses which have been Welsh in nature and perspective, delivered in both Welsh and English. He has now retired from full-time work but continues to teach part-time as a community education tutor.

He has practical experience in the field of community development over a period of some fifty years. Currently he is a director of several community enterprises, nationally, and locally in the Ffestiniog area where he lives. These local ventures include the community hotel, Y Pengwern in Llan Ffestiniog, and Cwmni Bro Ffestiniog which is a network of social enterprises in the Ffestiniog area.(See website:




Session 1. Understanding Community – A Case study of Dyffryn Peris

Session 1 on Thursday, April the 16th, abstracted from a case study of Dyffryn Peris concepts and ideas that apply to

understanding communities generally. The case study aimed to develop an integrated,

eclectic and dialectical way of thinking about communities and their development.


In Session 2 and 3 the aim is to develop our thinking on concepts and ideas which are fundamental to

community development.


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Session 2. The relationship between capital, state and community

2A,The nature of capitalism and how the system has changed from the industrial revolution to the present.

2B. The changing relationship between capital, state and communities examined by taking an overview of the history of Wales over the last hundred years in order to understand today and the potential for future change.

2C. The nature of the foundational economy and the idea of foundational community


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Session 3. Principles, Philosophy and Politics of Community Development

3A. Meanings and uses of the terms community and community development.

3B. Brief examination of the principles of community development.

3C. Community development, a community movement for Wales and transforming our world.


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People & Work is an independent charity (established in 1984) working in Wales.

It seeks to make a positive difference to life in Wales through its two core functions:


  • to promote the value of education and learning as a tool for tackling inequalities and promoting employment, through a programme of community based action research projects.
  • to undertake commissioned research and evaluation work for the public and third sectors in Wales addressing inequalities in areas such as education, health and employment.

Following on from the Appening Rhondda project, coordinated by People and Work, which has supported the development of code clubs, app development and digital experience in Rhondda, Ethan Jones, the Digital Champion for Rhondda and Cynon will build on these opportunities to excite young people and others to make best use of the expanding digital technology economy in South Wales.

The aim is to support individuals and groups to develop their own sustainable digital tech clubs, encouraging opportunities in education and employment which exist in South Wales and wider afield. Digital tech clubs also provide an excellent vehicle to bring together young people who would not normally join clubs and societies, who may have a very limited social life but who enjoy working with others who share their passion.

 This Before the impact of Covid-19 three weekly code clubs were active in the Rhondda and Cynon Valleys with different activities taking place each session. Each week Ethan would prepare a new coding resource for the participants to take part in and follow along with him. Some of these resources included Code Combat, Minecraft, Hour of Code and Scratch. We also hosted a digital festival in partnership with Coleg y Cymoedd (supported by Pen Y Cymoedd Wind Farm Community Fund and the Waterloo Foundation). This event brought a variety of digital businesses who are involved in the digital sector, local universities and schools together in one space to provide a range digital activities for the students.event has been the most successful so far with more than 350 attendees. We have also co-hosted (with several staff from digital technology companies) a very successful Girls in Tech weekend aimed at increasing female participation in digital technology.

Since Covid-19, Ethan has digitised his code clubs into social media challenges (making games, completing challenges etc.) and videos which are available on YouTube. These videos take the user through a coding resource which would usually take place in the code clubs.




Valleys Code Club Youtube channel: Click Here


 To download People & Work’s Llechi Glo a Chefn Gwlad presentation: Click Here


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Ynysybwl Regeneration Partnership is a development trust, a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. The trust aims are to raise the quality of life for all, create opportunities for young people and create opportunities in health and well-being as well as to help develop the local economy, particularly countryside access and tourism.

From Lowri Turner, Digital Community Connector:

Part of my role as a Digital Community Connector is to support the development of the Ynysybwl Regeneration web page and the Enterprise website, as well as creating an online presence with the young people. Another part of my role is to link with the community groups and other partners to create and develop pages for the YRP website. Some of these pages have included a signposting page that has contact details for different organisations and charities that can offer support and guidance. I have also created a My Zone page for young people which is a space that has everything from colouring sheets, online word searches, puzzles, exercise and much more. I have also developed a My Zone + page for the adults which has hints and tips if you’re managing family life, exercise and much more. I have also supported the Social Enterprise groups to create and design pages on the website to showcase their work.


Another key part of my role is supporting the youth provision and wider community. I have done this by working in the local youth clubs that we have in Ynysybwl and the surrounding areas. This has involved me organising and planning different activities and workshops for the young people. I have been working with a local primary school and facilitated an after-school club around exploring what QR codes do, how they are used and how to create them.

YRP has recently purchased some laptops that will be available for the community to use. I am in the early stages of creating my very own project based around this. The idea is to create a digital suite that will offer training and support to all aspects of the community. The support will include classes to upskill community members using IT such as creating an email account, using Microsoft software, online courses, or even just turning a laptop on.




Ynysybwl My Zone Website Project: Click Here

Ynysybwl Regeneration Partnership: Click Here

Ynysybwl Enterprise: Click Here


To download Ynysybwl Vision’s Llechi Glo a Chefn Gwlad presentation: Click Here


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 Banwen Dove


VIEW (DOVE) Ltd, known locally as DOVE Workshop, is a Community Learning Centre set up as a Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee in 1984.  The overarching aim of the company is to provide an inclusive learning programme for the communities of the Dulais Valley and beyond. The programme of courses can be flexible, informal, formal, accredited, non-accredited and tailor made for the learner.   

In 1989 DOVE Workshop Ltd, a Community Co-operative alongside VIEW (DOVE) Ltd was established to provide the opportunity to generate income via the day nursery, by opening up the services to working parents as well as learners and by offering office and publishing services. The aim was to help sustain the organisation and provide local employment and training opportunities.  As the nursery developed, staff numbers increased to meet demand and this was and still is sustained from income generated.


VIEW (DOVE ) Ltd is grant reliant, it develops innovative projects to support the inclusive learning programme and procures contracts to deliver services on behalf of other agencies. In partnership with the Rank Foundation we employ a Time 2 Shine leader to provide digital opportunities to the local community utilising our newly installed media hub. DOVE Workshop Ltd now includes The Meat & Greet, a 64 seater café.




DOVE workshop website: Click Here


To download Dove Workshops Llechi Glo a Chefn Gwlad presentation: Click Here


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Yr Orsaf


Digital Center for the community in Penygroes

Siop Griffiths Cyf was established to purchase and maintain an old building in Penygroes, to offer training and employment opportunities in the tourism and hospitality fields, and to offer new activities to the community, especially young people in the digital field.

The group has been developing a social enterprise in Penygroes over the last two years, to develop community businesses and facilities, and to offer new activities. The project is in 3 parts:

i) Open a cafe and create 3 jobs

ii) Opening of accommodation, and creating 3 jobs and a training program

iii) Opening a Digital Creation Center for the community and young people


The group was successful in their bid to the Piloting Fund for financial assistance to purchase technological equipment to run sessions in the Digital Centre. In these sessions, the group had tutors from Bangor University to come in to offer video-making sessions, podcasts, blogging and vlogging, and coding lessons to the young people. The emphasis of these sessions was on building on the skills that the young people have already learned and creating a product that reflects the area and culture.

One of the films that the young people created, “Dial”, won Best Film in their category at the PICS Film Festival and was also nominated for an award in the Into Film Awards Ceremony in London.


Film link: Click Here

Website: Click Here

Yr Orsaf Facebook: Click Here


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We have been supporting carers since 2003 and you might know us as Powys Carers Service.

In November 2015, our carers and staff voted that it was time for a fresh look, and in the process we decided to update our name to reflect our values and aspirations. Credu (which is pronounced ‘cre-dee’) means believe in Welsh.

We believe in people: their skills, abilities and talents, and the resilience they display in everyday life.

We believe in the invaluable contributions carers make to their loved ones and their communities.
We believe carers of all ages deserve to thrive and be able to get the most out of life.

We believe no-one needs to do this on their own.

We believe in supporting carers by connecting them with whatever they need to live to their full potential.

We are a Carers Trust Network Partner, and we support carers via outreach through Credu Powys and through WCD Young Carers in North Wales (in Wrexham, Conwy and Denbighshire).

We are a registered charity and are governed by a board of volunteer trustees.




Website: Click Here


To download Credu Llechi Glo a Chefn Gwlad presentation: Click Here


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Cwmni Bro Ffestiniog


Cwmni Bro Ffestiniog is a pioneering development in Wales; a network of successful community enterprises which have come together to co-operate under the banner of one overarching community company.

In the Ffestiniog area there is a community of vibrant and successful social enterprise and businesses, including Antur StiniogTrawsnewidSerenPengwern CymunedolCellBGwallgofiaidGISDADref WerddYsgol Y MoelwynOpra CymruDeudraeth cyfCaban Bach BarnadosCyfeillion Croesor and so on.

These enterprises offer countless opportunities. Many of them aim to tackle local issues head on while also contributing creatively and sustainably to the future of the area. They have come together in order to cooperate for the benefit of the whole area, under the parasol of a social enterprise company, called Cwmni Bro Ffestiniog to offer sustainable opportunities in the area. Opportunities ranging from the creative, care, environment, building and sustainable tourism sector. Real support, enjoyment, training and career opportunities closer to home.

The aims of Cwmni Bro Ffestiniog are to:

  • Promote cooperation between community enterprises in the area.
  • Improve cooperation between community enterprises, charities, voluntary bodies, and public and private agencies operating in the area.
  • Support and promote the growth and development of existing enterprises.
  • Increase the participation of the community and promote community activity and enterprise.
  • Initiate, nurture and promote new ventures in the area.




Cwmni Bro Ffestiniog website: Click Here

BROcast Ffestiniog Youtube Channel: Click Here


To download Cwmni Bro Ffestiniog Llechi Glo a Chefn Gwlad presentation: Click Here




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Partneriaeth ogwen



As a Social Enterprise we

  • Provide clerking services for the local Community Councils
  • Develop community, economic and environmental regeneration projects
  • Manage properties & develop community assest transfer projects
  • Support projects that create a healthy, vibrant and sustainable community

Partneriaeth Ogwen was established in 2013, through innovative collaboration by Bethesda, Llanllechid and Llandygai Community Councils to provide a clerking service to the 3 councils and develop community projects.

Since it’s establishment, we have opened the Ogwen office and Siop Ogwen on Bethesda High Street. We also manage properties including flats, businesses and the Dyffryn Ogwen Community Library. We have also developed environmental projects and led on the development of the highly acclaimed Ynni Ogwen community hydro scheme.


Website: Click Here


To download Siop ogwen Llechi Glo a Chefn Gwlad presentation: Click Here


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Tir Dewi


Tir Dewi was formed in response to a growing and serious need for someone to help the farmers of West Wales in difficult times.  Rev Canon Eileen Davies and Bishop Wyn (now retired) agreed that something had to be offered and Eileen was tasked with establishing Tir Dewi as a helpline, listening service and sign-posting service.

Tir Dewi originally provided its service in Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire.  Since July 2020 this has expanded to include Powys, and, in September 2020 will also include Gwynedd, Conwy and the Isle of Anglesey.  Our service is available in Welsh and English and is provided by volunteers at no cost to the farmer, without judgement and in complete confidentiality.  We have an employed team of just 4 and a hugely committed and supported volunteer team of over 40 which is growing steadily.


Our Young Farmers Project launches in September 2020, working with the YFC of Dyfed to support and encourage changes in behaviours and attitudes towards asking for and providing help.


Tir Dewi is part of the Welsh Farm Support Group which produced the FarmWell support directory.  We work alongside many other organisations in farming including other farm focussed charities including RABI and the DPJ Foundation.  We will support farmers wherever we are able by working with them to resolve their problems.




Website: Click Here


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Tir Coed

Tir Coed is a charity that connects people with land (Tir) and woods (Coed) delivering learning and wellbeing programmes outdoors across 4 rural counties in Wales. Through volunteering, accredited training and bespoke activities that increase wellbeing, develop skills and improve green spaces for the benefit of everyone.

Over the past 20 years Tir Coed has developed a comprehensive engagement model that supports people as they develop, from first step engagement through to employment. All of the work carried out by volunteers and trainees improves the health of the woodland and its accessibility for the benefit of the whole community.


Thriving sustainable rural communities integrated with the natural environment.



To unlock the potential of woodlands to provide a community facility, educational and health activities, and to create job opportunities for disadvantaged individuals in rural Wales. With the aim to make positive lasting change.



Website: Click Here


To download Tir Coed Llechi Glo a Chefn Gwlad presentation: Click Here


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